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With a solid reputation for quality and innovation, we specialise in producing a comprehensive range of OE matched quality, performance-driven components.



The Spring In Your Step.

Coil springs play a vital role in keeping your vehicle’s suspension system functional by absorbing road impacts and maintaining vehicle height.  Apec Coil Springs offer a top-tier aftermarket solution, adhering to OE manufacturing standards to ensure the significance of this component aligns with its impact on your driving experience.

At Apec, our commitment to superior production is ongoing, recognising the dynamic nature and exposure of coil springs to external elements. Precision-engineered in our ISO 9001 and IATF 16949 accredited facility, these coil springs utilise high-quality steel alloys for durability, effectively withstanding environmental challenges while delivering OE performance as a reliable, like-for-like replacement.

Forged through hot and cold wire coiling processes, Apec Coil Springs undergo shot-peening and electrostatic coating, enhancing longevity and resistance against corrosion. This meticulous production approach results in a robust selection of parts designed to rejuvenate your suspension system.

Our coil springs undergo rigorous scrutiny akin to our braking products, with testing practices including:

  • Material Testing
  • Coating Thickness Testing
  • 200,000 Cycles of Load Loss and Fatigue Testing
  • 480 Hours of Salt Spray Testing
  • Package Checking
  • For added assurance, Apec Coil Springs are backed by a comprehensive 3-year/36,000-mile guarantee, reflecting our commitment to quality.

It Takes Two.

During installation, replacing OE parts in axle pairs is recommended to prevent uneven wear and minimise the risk of premature spring failure. As coil springs deteriorate at a consistent rate, a paired installation is best practice for ensuring your vehicle’s handling, ride height, and overall well-being.