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With a solid reputation for quality and innovation, we specialise in producing a comprehensive range of OE matched quality, performance-driven components.




Apec Driveshafts are made from CF53 steel and feature induction-hardened linear shafts for durability against corrosion and friction. They come as complete, surcharge-free units, ensuring hassle-free installation. Apec Driveshafts combine OE quality with our commitment to customer satisfaction. Each kit includes pre-assembled inner and outer CV joints (where applicable), boots, and all necessary components for a swift installation.

CV Joints.

Our CV Joints eliminate the need for core returns. They withstand extreme temperatures (-40°C to 140°C) and transmit torque efficiently across various engine speeds and velocities, meeting or exceeding OE standards.


Apec Boots offer superior stretch capabilities and resistance to oil, grease, abrasion, grit, and extreme temperatures. They ensure constant lubrication for joint longevity.