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With a solid reputation for quality and innovation, we specialise in producing a comprehensive range of OE matched quality, performance-driven components.



Smoothly Does It.

Enhance your vehicle’s safety with Apec Wheel Bearing Kits, integral for ensuring smooth wheel rotation during acceleration, braking, and cornering.

The Right Kit For The Job.

All Apec Wheel Bearing Kits are sealed for life, containing high-performance grease, and include nuts, bolts, and circlips for seamless installation. With an already extensive range and ongoing developments, our kits cater to the most popular applications in the UK market, delivering the quality you expect for a hassle-free selection.

Quality Without Compromise.

We scrutinise our Wheel Bearing Kits at every manufacturing stage, employing a range of testing practices to maintain consistent quality. From hub durability and fatigue testing to bearing and seal durability assessments, as well as stud twist-off testing, we ensure that each installation meets our high standards.

Remove The Stress.

Backed by a 3-year/36,000-mile warranty, all Apec Wheel Bearing Kits provide peace of mind. Despite challenges from traffic, weather, or maintenance issues, our high-quality standards assure longevity. Fit and forget with confidence, knowing that Apec Wheel Bearing Kits can withstand the toughest pressures on the road.