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Value and Quality Assured

Apec Blue is a competitive braking programme matched to OE standards, tailored for fast-moving applications.

Brake Pads.

Pads that Perform.

We’ve harnessed the perfect combination of value, confidence-inspiring specifications, and a generous 25-month / 25,000-mile guarantee to bring you Apec Blue Brake Pads. These pads are not just a purchase; they’re an investment in optimum braking ability right from the get-go.

Our Apec Blue Pads are enriched with the latest formula friction material, which undergoes an advanced High-Pressure Treatment. This treatment minimises the bedding-in period and ensures that your brakes perform at their best from day one. To further enhance the experience, our state-of-the-art robotic production processes guarantee that every Apec Blue Pad is crafted to precise dimensions for effortless, first-time fitting.

Rest assured, our pads hold the ECE R90 approval, and we rigorously test them for quality and braking performance. Your journey to peak braking performance starts here.

Brake DISCS.

Precision-Crafted for Consistency.

Experience reliable and cost-effective braking with Apec Blue Discs, meticulously engineered for uniformity. These discs go beyond R90 specifications, offering exceptional value while delivering dependable performance. Plus, they’re backed by an impressive 25-month / 25,000-mile guarantee.

Our Apec Blue Discs are crafted to precise standards that rival OE quality. The meticulous production process ensures not only straightforward and secure installation but also uniform thickness and strength, guarding against issues like cracking and warping. Elevate your braking experience with precision and assurance.