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Temper Your Temperature


Made to Beat the Heat.

The average car engine can run at temperatures of 100°C or more, leading to overheating and poor overall performance if your engine cooling system stops working.

An essential component of the engine cooling system, thermostats use an expanding wax to open and close in response to temperature levels. By opening a valve when exposed to heat, thermostats allow engine coolant to flow from the engine to the radiator to reduce its temperature.

Apec Thermostats have been engineered using the most advanced manufacturing practices to regulate the temperature of engine coolant for a powerful aftermarket solution for maintaining optimal engine temperatures.

Perfect Temperature, Perfect Quality.

Apec seals quality into its thermostats at a manufacturing level at an ISO 9001:2015 accredited production facility. Every thermostat we ship has been tested to industry-leading standards to meet or exceed OE specifications, guaranteeing that performance, and reliability, always come first.

All Apec Thermostats are put through the following tests to ensure product quality:

  • Visual & Dimensional Analysis – Measures and compares against OE samples using advanced 3D scanning technology.
  • Hardness Tests – Measures and controls the hardness of metal and rubber materials.
  • Spectrometry Test – Controls chemical composition of rubber and plastic materials within a precise margin of OE deviation.
  • Thermogravimetric Analysis – Details rubber composition using controlled temperatures and atmospheric conditions.
  • Temperature Checks – Measures opening temperature and functionality compared to OE equivalent.
  • Tightness and Leak Value Tests – Checks for leaks using compressed air immersed in water within a margin of 40ml/h or less.